The Knightstown Town Square

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The Knightstown Town Square

Knightstown is fortunate to have a “Town Square” that dates back to the early days of the Town history.  Many small rural towns have lost their town squares over the years as people evolved from going there for business and leisure activities to moving those activities outside the central location of the town square.  As a result, those towns have lost the opportunity to bring people together and keep the downtown area alive.

Knightstown residents have always been proud of the town square, with a local nonprofit group, Make a Difference, volunteering to be the caretakers of the square in past years.  Adorned throughout the Spring and Summer with flowers and decorated festively for the holidays the Knightstown Town Square has always been a proud Knightstown tradition.

Town squares historically were the hub of the community.  A centrally located place where residents could share and gather information, where residents could go to market and where residents could generally spend leisure time.  Many old pictures of the Knightstown Town Square show people sitting on benches and generally gathering on the town square for events and conversation.

Over the years, the Town Square has been home to Jubilees Days, the Fall Festival, various car shows and most recently, Music on the Square.

In 2020, Main Street, Inc. offered to manage the Town Square for the Town and entered into an agreement with the Town Council.  Main Street, Inc., businesses and community organizations are in the midst of plans to develop the Town Square into an even better place for people to take advantage of what Knightstown has to offer.