The Knightstown community includes residents who have lived in Knightstown all of their lives, as well as those who are newcomers to the Town.  While the definition of community might be different for different people, one thing is clear to visitors who come to Knightstown.  There is a feeling of a community here, of those who care about each other, about their old homes and about the Town.

While the Town of Knightstown is small in terms of numbers of people who live here (approximately 2,100), the Town offers a rich small-town quality of life.  Amenities like Sunset Park, the Knightstown Town Square, the Hoosier Gym and other places throughout the Town offer people places of leisure. 

Businesses and restaurants cater to the community and offer jobs that are close by for residents and there are many opportunities to get involved in the Town through nonprofit organizations and community organizations.

A motto that has been adopted by many groups in town, “Knightstown, a great place to visit and a better place to live”, sums up the feeling that people have about our Town.


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