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On June 8th, community members attended a press conference with Governor Holcomb and Lt. Govenor Suzanne Crouch.  The press conference was to launch Indiana's destination development and tourism campaign and new logo (pictured above).  The group in attendance consisted of Landon Dean, town council vice president and RDC member; Linda Lashbrook, BKI treasurer; Sarah Ward, town council president; and Roger Hammer, RDC president.  The press release can be found

Knightstown attended the launching of the new logo  
Landon Dean, Linda Lashbrook, Gov. Eric Holcomb, Sarah Ward, Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Roger Hammer


Hoosiers Made Here

Knightstown is thrilled to participate in Indiana's destination development and tourism campaign.  According to the Visit Knightstown Facebook page, Knightstown's brand new logo and tagline were made official on
April 20.  The Facebook page currently shares events and news for local Knightstown businesses and Henry County.   The Go Knightstown website launched on May 14.  The website provides locals and people that are unfamiliar with Knightstown a great resource for all things Knightstown, including places to eat and stay!  What a way for visitors to engage with all the positive things Knightstown has to offer!