Glen Cove Cemetery

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Cemetery Foreman
Joe Harding

Glen Cove Cemetery has deep historical roots and continues to provide a variety of services to Knightstown and surrounding communities. Every year, visitors from all over the country come to our cemetery to learn more about their loved ones and to do genealogy research. A treasured part of the town, the cemetery offers a place where people can connect with the past, enjoy the present and look to the future.

Historical Significance

Glen Cove Cemetery is comprised of “old” and a “new” sections, and it includes plenty of area to accommodate future burials. The old public graveyard, established in 1838, consists of 3.5 acres. The southernmost part was originally a Baptist graveyard established sometime between 1835 and 1849, but today there is no longer any physical division or even suggestion of the older Baptist graveyard, the public and the denominational graveyards having seamlessly merged.

The cemetery's “new” section, named Glen Cove, was established in 1886 by the local Odd Fellows Lodge No. 99. Glen Cove is an active cemetery with approximately 22,000 graves on its 51 acres. Originally designed by two professional landscape architects, Glen Cove Cemetery beautifully expresses the values of the picturesque Rural Cemetery Movement.

In 2019, the old and new portions of the Glen Cove Cemetery that are developed and have graves marked by headstones were placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Connection to Our Loved Ones

Glen Cove Cemetery provides a connection to those who have passed, allowing families a place to visit departed loved ones in an inviting and serene environment. Town employees and community volunteers work hard to maintain the cemetery grounds, and visitors to Knightstown often comment on the pristine appearance of Glen Cove and all the beautiful flowers that adorn the cemetery.

A Place to Exercise and Gather

On any given day, numerous people utilize Glen Cove Cemetery as a place to exercise. The cemetery's roadways and paths offer a wonderful place for people to walk and take in the beauty of the area. Those who come to Glen Cove to walk often speak of calm they feel at the cemetery, and because vehicle traffic is restricted to low speeds, there is also a heightened sense of safety. People also gather at the cemetery for memorial events, and a newly formed Glen Cove Cemetery advisory group is planning for future community activities at the cemetery.

For More Information

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