Knightstown Police Department

Knightown Police Department
Serving Knightstown Residents
The Knightstown Police Department is a full time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week department.  The Chief of Police, Frank Beatrice and three full time officers provide for the safety and security of the residents of Knightstown.  Additionally, the Reserve Officer program adds additional manpower to the Department.

For Emergencies:  Contact 911

For Administrative Needs:  Contact 765-345-2785

General Police Email:

To Email Chief of Police, Frank Beatrice:

Unattended House Program 
In a positive effort of community relations and for the deterrent of home burglaries the police department will provide for the community a program referred to as the unattended house program. When citizens leave home for an extended period of time (3 months or more) they may request a police check of their home during the period they are away. An example would be while persons are away during the winter. Citizens, prior to leaving must call the communications office and make an unattended house report. These reports will then be made available to the road patrol officers who will make periodic checks of the residences.