Knightstown Wastewater Utility

Knightstown Wastewater Utility
Rick Taylor, Manager and Licensed Operator


The Knightstown Wastewater Department is a municipally owned utility located in The Town of Knightstown, Henry and Rush Counties in Indiana.

According to US EPA records, the current wastewater treatment plant facility made a first application for a permit on June 3, 1975.

The plant is a Class II facility permitted at 0.46 MGD. The plant serves a population of 2,148 people.

The Town has two full time wastewater employees, including a licensed operator.

The current collection system was built between 1972 and 1974, is primarily constructed of approximately 32,000 lineal feet of vitreous clay pipe and began experiencing failures that are related to the age of the system and construction materials used at the time.

As a result, the Town Council began a Wastewater Treatment project in 2019. Throughout 2020, the project has been moving forward, with FPBH, Inc. providing the oversight of the project which has been funded by the USDA.

At the conclusion of the project, Knightstown will have a state of the art wastewater facility that will allow for growth as we welcome new people and businesses into our community.