Knightstown Park and Recreation Board

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The Knightstown Park and Recreation Board oversees the town's park and recreation facilities, including Sunset Park and the kayak/canoe launch site on the Big Blue River near South Washington and Fourth streets.

The park board has four volunteer members who are appointed by the Knightstown Town Council and serve four-year terms. The board's current members are:

President Mitch Swedarsky,
Vice President Jeff Eakins,
Victoria Goodspeed 
David Balmer

Specific duties of the park board, as set forth in the Indiana Code at IC 36-10-3-10, include, among other things, the following:

  • exercising general supervision of and making rules for the department;
  • establishing rules governing the use of the park and recreation facilities by the public;
  • providing police protection for its property and activities, either by requesting assistance from state, municipal, or county police authorities, or by having specified employees deputized as police officers;
  • appointing the necessary administrative officers of the department and fixing their duties;
  • establishing standards and qualifications for the appointment of all personnel and approving their appointments without regard to politics;
  • making recommendations and an annual report to the town council concerning the operation of the board and the status of park and recreation programs in the district;
  • preparing and submitting an annual budget to the town council; and
  • appointing a member of the park board to serve on another kind of board or commission, whenever a statute allows a park or recreation board to do this.

The Knightstown Park and Recreation Board holds its regular meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the Sunset Park shelter house, 206 Hill Ave.