Knightstown Town Council


The Knightstown Town Council is comprised of five members who serve as the town's legislative body. Among other things, the town council is responsible for adopting ordinances and resolutions related to performance of town functions, hiring town employees and establishing their salaries, passing the town's annual budget and setting rates for the town's water, wastewater and electric utilities.

Town council members must reside within town limits and are elected at-large in staggered elections that have two council seats up for election in one year, and the other three up for election in another. The term of office for council members is four (4) years, beginning on January 1 following their election. The town's clerk-treasurer serves as the council's clerk and is an ex officio member of the town council for the purpose of casting tie-breaking votes.

The town council votes each year to select one of its members to serve as council president and another to serve as vice president. The town council president, pursuant to state statute, is the town executive. Additional information about the powers and responsibilities of town councils can be found in the Indiana Code at IC 36-5-2.

The town council normally meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the council's chambers in Knightstown Town Hall, 120 E. Main St. The public is encouraged to attend council meetings to learn more about local government, and anyone wishing to be placed on the agenda for a town council meeting should contact the clerk-treasurer at by the second Friday of the month.


Knightstown Town Council:



Roger Hammer
Town Council President




Cheryl Hammer
Town Council



Renee McVey


Mitch Roland


Chuck Rhodes