July 20th Water Statement from Town Council


 As we have previously communicated, the filter media at the water plant are 26 years old.  They have a typical lifespan of 20 years.  It has been determined through the efforts of the staff in our water department that the filter media are in need of replacement.  We have hired an outside company who specializes in this kind of work. 

Unfortunately, the replacement of municipal filter media is a large task that takes time.  The tanks that hold the filter media, which are very large, have been emptied and the old parts have been removed.  The tanks have been inspected and found to be in need of repair

It is anticipated that the filter media will be placed into all tanks by the end of today, July 20, 2018.  The tanks will be chlorinated and tested next week.  By Wednesday, we plan to be fully using the filters as part of the iron filtration of the water plant.

We, as a Council, and the staff, have made this repair/replacement effort a top priority.  We all live in this Town and are affected by the situation as are the customers of the water utility.

The water is being tested regularly and it continues to meet the Indiana Department of Environmental Management requirements.

We appreciate your patience during the repair process.